Keyforge Tokens

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When I was at PAX unplugged, the kids and I learned to play keyforge. The game has me intrigued for now and I want to play more. However there is a problem with the plan. For those of you that don’t know, as of this time the starter sets for Keyforge are out of stock just about everywhere. Rather than hunting down a starter kit and overpaying for it, I decided to make my own tokens. Armed with a web browser and a 3D printer I set out to print some tokens.

The damage, stun and power tokens I found and printed are great. I like the size and the colors. I skipped the armor tokens as no tokens for armor are included in the starter set. I have not seen a card that adds armor to other cards that is not conditional, so I am not sure how they are intended to be used. I have heard of some people making broken armor tokens. That would be the opposite of what I have found, as the models all had a clear ‘+X’ on them.

I have tried just one key model and I don’t really like it. I’m going to be trying others. I’ll post up once I’m happy with some results.

On the other hand odering some orange acrylic ice rock cubes from Amazon seemed like the right thing to do. The 14mm ones I found match the size of the printed tokens. The larger ones are a bit large for my taste, but that is just my preference.

With that said, this is what you are here for…

keyforge tokens

These were printed on my Prusa i3 mk3 as a first try at multi-colored prints. The models were sliced using Slic3r PE, using 0.2mm layer height. The models are 2mm in height with the flat part being 1mm and the detail 1mm. The filament change was added at 1.2mm using the Prusa Color Print website. When setting the height of the change, the slider should be on the first layer that you want to print in the new color. Don’t make the mistake I did and set your change to be at 1mm. You will end up with the top layer of the base in the highlight color. Luckilly at 0.2mm layer height and the small size of the print, it doesn’t take long to recover from the mistake.

If you are interested in more about the printing process, look for a blog post about it in the future.

The tokens are just about the right size, maybe they could be a bit larger in diameter, but they are fine. The different shapes and colors make it easy to keep them straight. I wish I could give a direct comparison to the cardboard tokens in the starter, but I don’t have access to a starter kit at the moment.

These are good enough for me to complete a full two player set and use them in my next session of Keyforge.

Tokens from Matt J